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Edition 1
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Edition 2
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SHARING ____IS FUN Artist, Chitra Ganesth, cut a singular artwork into equal parts in the name of sharing her art, one of which is included in each copy from the edition.
LOOKING YOU IN THE EYE ____IS FUN Images of men by Fabien Montique printed to human scale, as if looking a human directly in the eye once opened.
FAMILY ____IS FUN Three expressions of family: the family you have, the family you create and the family you find. Images by Michal Chelbin, Sarah Benjamin and Percy Samuel Waite, as found by John Balsom.
WHAT ____IS FUN TO YOU ? Young men and women from around the world discuss what is fun and meaningful to them in image and video. Plus, a special thank you to Hermes.
LOVE ____IS FUN An interactive story about love and freedom, as told through Hanne Gaby Odeile and John Swiatek and captured by James Brodribb.
THINKING OF FRIENDS ____IS FUN A usable postcard for sharing notes of fun as a series of drawings of by artist, Leilah Babirye
CARING ____IS FUN A celebration of form and function, as told by Craig McDean.
SMILING ____IS FUN Because fashion can be fun
DREAMING ____IS FUN A reworking of the sensual and sexual idea through various stories: a portrait series by Vanina Sorrenti, drawings by Daniel Riera, and artwork by Saya Woolfalk. Plus a poem by Angelo Flaccavento.
RENOVATING ____IS FUN Original artwork by Steven Cogle, created on playing cards. A house of cards has fallen. We will have fun rebuilding. On the reverse side is a keepsake thank you to everyone involved in this edition.
FREE PLAY ____IS FUN A portrait series of dolls by Tommy Ton, a study of pairs by Jonas Gloer and the free verse of Riz Ahmed
_____Is Fun cannot be purchased, only shared. Fashion and art, experienced through the act of giving. We offer you this first edition, and you then invite someone else to receive the next one along with you. Serendipity, experimentation and community, all rooted through a creative, subtle engagement that begins with one and expands ever outward. A growing constellation of joy over time as a tactile reminder that we all share something in common: curiosity.

_____Is Fun is the reconsideration of luxury as a gift, because it is fun to create our own rules. The greatest rebellion is to be as real as possible. Lets discover together.


_____Is Fun